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Harrows Noble 21g

Harrows Noble 21g

90% Tungsten

21 gram

Finest injection moulded 90% tungsten. 
Unique barrel shape with tapered front and ergonomic, concave rear. 
Combination of Predator grip at the front and ring grip at the back. 
 Finished in a striking black, silver and rich gold 3 colour combination
Noble darts are supplied with Silver Supergrip Carbon shafts, new 100 micron Noble flights and are match weighed to +/- 0.05g. 


One set of 3 Prime flights

One set of 3 Supergrip carbon shafts

Weight:Barrel Length:Barrel Width:
21 gram50.0 mm7.0 mm
22 gram50.0 mm7.1 mm
23 gram50.0 mm7.2 mm
24 gram50.0 mm7.3 mm
25 gram50.0 mm7.5 mm
26 gram50.0 mm 7.6 mm

SEK 649