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Harrows Paragon 25g

Harrows Paragon 25g

90% Tungsten

25 gram

90% tungsten parallel dart with an abundance of contrasting cuts, Paragon showboats the proficient machining capabilities that we have here at Harrows HQ.

Divided into 10 symmetrical segments, the dart debuts the QuadCut; 40 diamond-like grip zones, milled to perfection. As a result, consistent release and control are guaranteed.

A complex 5 stage CNC process combined with 2 coating phases makes Paragon a work of art, both visually and technically.


One set of 3 Paragon flights

One set of 3 Supergrip carbon shafts

Weight:Barrel Length:Barrel Width:
21 gram50.0 mm6.6 mm
22 gram50.0 mm6.7 mm
23 gram50.0 mm6.8 mm
24 gram50.0 mm6.9 mm
25 gram50.0 mm7.1 mm
26 gram50.0 mm 7.2 mm